International Survey completed in January 2007, the results
Dr Ratcliffe Questionnaire Study – Findings 2006
Compiled by Helen Clements

This longterm study has been developped by Dr. Ratcliffe,
Dr. Samango-Sprouse and Helen Clements of the Triple X Parent Support Group UK.
This Survey took place from Jan.'05 until Jan.'07.


Helen Clements, writer of this summary, wants to let you know that:

"This study has been analysed from information collected on a paper survey, sent to me, Helen Clements. I am not a doctor or professional and the analysis of this study has been taken from information given freely by participants.
This paper has never been analysed by a professional doctor or geneticist.
I hope you find this easy to read and the information useful. No new evidence as far as I can see has come to light, but it has been a useful exercise in comparing our own families.

Thank you to all those families who took time to complete the questionnaire and return it.

I apologize for the time taken in compiling this information and sending it out to you, but awaiting professional advice which never came."

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