Auditory Processing in Children with XY Chromosomal Variations

This is a copy of the basic (without the slide transitions and without the fancy backgrounds and pictures Dr Jay Lucker used in the actual presentation) power point presentation.

He has had the oppportunity to be (what he believes is) the first person to specifically assess on an investigative basis the auditory processing abilities of children with XY Chromosomal Variations including Trisomy X.

He has seen 17 children of which 5 were girls with Trisomy X. They varied in age from preschool through high school.

ABSOLUTELY NONE of the 17 children showed inability to tolerate sounds of every freequency (pitch) tested (low, middle, high, very high pitched) at 110dBHL.

Thus, NONE of the 17 subjects all who came for this special testing largely because the parents believe their sons (with XXY and XYY) and daughters (with Trisomy X) had auditory processing difficulties....

NONE of these 17 children had auditory based intolerance thus none had auditory based hypersensitivity.

Therefore, intolerance of loud sounds is essentially NOT an auditory based problem.

To read his presentation, click on the link below:

Report of Initial Findings, Dr. Jay R. Lucker, April 2006


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