Trisomy Kids Are Special: Trisomy Awareness Bracelet

They're special because they have a different mix of chromosomes than most of us do.
Special because they generally are differently abled, and need our help to navigate the world.
Special because their medical needs are often overwhelming, and often little understood. exists to raise awareness of all trisomy (especially rarer trisomy) conditions, and to raise funds for the support of trisomy kids through information and other resources.

Both to raise awareness and funds, they have designed a special Trisomy Awareness Bracelet.
The three colors of the bracelet are a reminder of both the trisomy concept and of the three organizations supported by the sale of these bracelets.

Learn about trisomy and its effects; then they ask you to purchase and wear the bracelet.
They appreciate the support of collectors, and welcome your participation, but since their goal is to raise awareness, you help most when you both purchase and wear the Trisomy Awareness Bracelet.

Thank you for your support.

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