2010 Joint Conference KS&A - AAKSIS
2010 "Call of the Wild" Families' Conference
on X and Y Chromosome Variations

Conference Details and Registration Information


2010 Joint Conference – KS&A and AAKSIS

Once again, KS&A and AAKSIS will join forces to conduct the annual Families’ Conference.

We have confirmed the dates: July 30 to August 1, 2010.

The most likely venue is the Great Wolf Lodge a family resort in Mason, Ohio, but don’t buy your plane tickets until I have a signed contract with the venue.

Great Wolf Lodge Interactive Travel Brochure, Travel Guides, Information for Vacation Planning: http://bit.ly/axIA6f

I will confirm the venue as soon as we lock in the reservation.

Please note that the dates, location in the country and type of venue were all significantly preferred based on the conference survey conducted late last fall and through the winter. Nearly 250 respondents clearly preferred a family resort somewhere in the northeast during mid summer.

I’ll keep you posted as details emerge, but for now, if you plan to attend this year’s conference, please reserve these dates.

Partial list of speakers—more are being recruited:

Ms. Mina Avery
Dr. Daniel Davis
Ms. Kathleen Erskine
Ms. Susan Howell
Dr. Darius Paduch
Joe Kiper (nurse-associate of Dr. Paduch)
Dr. Jay Lucker
Dr. Francisco Sanchez
Dr. Nicole Tartaglia
Ms. Amy Turriff
Dr. Jeannie Visootsak
Dr. Rebecca Wilson

Details on presentations and the conference agenda are still being developed, so I will not be able to respond to requests for this information at this point.

Jim Moore
Executive Director

KS&A has moved to Colorado.
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