Evaluating the Effect of X/Y Chromosome on Immune System Health. May 2013

This study will evaluate the effects of X and/or Y chromosome variations on the health of your immune system.

Immune system defends us against all kinds of pathogens including bacteria, fungi and viruses, and provides surveillance against cancer.
However, sometimes our defense system revolts against our own body, resulting in conditions called autoimmune diseases that affect every organ system in our body.

Interestingly, many genes that can profoundly affect our immune system are located on X chromosome. Autoimmune conditions are also 2-13-fold more prevalent in women (XX) than in men (XY).
Hence, it is imperative to assess the health of our immune system in individuals with variations in X and/or Y chromosomes.

We will perform a detailed evaluation of immune system in individuals with X/Y variations (XXY, XYY, XXX, X0, mosaics, or any other X/Y variation).
In order to find out whether X/Y variations affect immune system health, we will need to perform a simultaneous assessment of immune system in individuals with 46,XX women and 46,XY men, who will ideally be matched for ethnicity and age+/- 5 years, and friends or acquaintances of individuals with X/Y variations.
We request that everyone with this condition try to participate in the study, so that the results of study are representative of the X/Y variations.

Participation involves each subject completing a confidential questionnaire - online or paper version.
We request that participants also provide a blood sample - that can be collected by coming to UCLA, at KS&A meetings, or by shipping collection packets to any location without expense to participants.

To participate or learn more about this study, click here and find the study on the list of studies underway.


Jim Moore
Executive Director

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