Triple X Syndrome Support Australia
The Association of Genetic Support of Australasia
66 Albion St
Surry Hills NSW 2011
Ph: 02 9211 1462


NEW in 2011: DANISH Parent Support Group Triple-x foreningen

Initiated by mrs. Anneli Frandsen

Founding meeting 14th. May 2011 13:00 to 15:00.

It's aim is to gather information about trisomy X (47, xxx), support to parents and to triple-x girls, and to promote interest in research in the area.

For women with triple-x, parents of triple x girls and persons working with or interested in the triple-x syndrome.

The General Assembly held at Hareskovens Lilleskole
Skovbovænget 124, 2750 Ballerup.

We hope to see many people there.
Please mail your registration to

To learn more about Triple-X syndrome, or join the association please contact us at:

Informative Dutch website about genetics, genetic diseases, pregnancy and child wish.

Informative Dutch website about genetics and diseases.

American website with interesting articles, for instance:
1. 47,XXX, What is the prognosis?
2. Psychosocial Competence of Unselected Young Adults With Sex Chromosome Abnormalities.
3. Transition From Adolescence to Early Adulthood: Adaptation and Psychiatric Status of Women With 47, XXX.
4. Intelligence and Achievement in Children With Extra X Aneuploidy.

English website of Unique, Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group

Canadian website of KS&A (Klinefelter Syndrome and Associates, Inc. or Knowledge Support & Action) about Klinefelter Syndrome and other related sex chromosome disorders.

Information for XXX girls and their families from the American “Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group”

Website and support group in the German language for all kinds of chromosome disorders.

Website of the Danish Turner Center, in the English, German, French and Danish language.
It contains amongst others:
1. Short description of the Triple-X syndrome
2. Triple-X Females, an oriëntation
3. Sex Chromosome Abnormalities Found Among 34,910 Newborn Children: Results From a 13-Year Incidence Study in Århus, Denmark
4. Follow-Up of 25 Unselected Children With Sex Chromosome Abnormalities to Age 12

International Coalition of Advocacy, Research and Healthcare Organizations which represents millions of people with genetic conditions and their interests.

English website of “the National Organisation of Rare Disorders” about all kinds of genetic diseases, also the Triple X Syndrome.

English website of "Contact A Family' with the article:Triple X Syndrome

“Parental News Exchange Group”

Homepage of Helen Clements who set up the international “Triple X Parent Support Group”

Website of the “Naturopathic Medicine Network”, with a messageboard about 47,XXX.

Website in French, English and other languages of the
" VALENTIN A.P.A.C. Association de Porteurs d'Anomalies Chromosomiques " with information on all sorts of genetic conditions

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