Meetingday France: Klinefelter-, Turner-, XYY- and Triplo-X Syndrome
France (Europe)
Salle des Calandres,
Eragny sur Oise(95)

On March 24, 2007 there was an upportunity to meet other parents of- or individuals with a sex chromosome aneuploidy.
More information available at

Because this conferenc was in French and we don't speak or understand that as well as the English language, we decided not to join.

There will be a summary published in autumn 2007 which we'll try to translate for our Dutch and also our English visitors.

There were 59 participants, mostly carriers of the Klinefelter syndrome and only two who were related to Triple X.

We'll keep you informed.

Thea van de Velde and Ida Bakker
Dutch Triple X Support Group

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