Family Support Meeting in Belgium August 2007

The Dutch Triple X Support Group has a lot of members who live in Belgium.
Many of those could not attend the family meeting days we arranged in Holland, so we created the possibility to have a meeting in their own country.

This day will take place on the 26th of August in 2007 from 10.30-17.30h.
The location is Dierenpark PLANCKENDAEL , Muizen-Mechelen (Belgium).
It's a zoo with lots of facilities for children to play and have fun.

Because of the long distance Ida Bakker will not attend this day but Thea Van de Velde will exploit the opportunity to meet and talk with the Belgium parents and their XXX daughters/XXX female(s).

More info (only in Dutch) :
The intention is to publish a report, also in English, of this day on our website.

Thea van de Velde en Ida Bakker
Dutch Triple X Support Group


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