Meeting in Dallas, february 2008
Input on day-to-day challenges asked

KS&A is convening a scientific meeting in Dallas, Texas in February.
The meeting brings together 24 basic, clinical and translational
researchers interested in sex chromosome trisomies.

We are working to breathe life into the scientific advisory committee
because it hasnt met since 2001 and the mission of KS&A has changed to
include the girls and women with the triple x signature. In the past
the researchers were primarily focused on xxy boys.

We know that there is an inherent sex-difference between boys and men
with an extra X or Y and the girls. We are attempting to gather
questions and concerns from parents, families and adults with 47,XXX.
The questions and concerns will be presented to the researchers so
the self and family voice can be heard.

We have hard data from 3 studies that highlight some parental
concerns, but not as much as we would like. We would love to hear
what you would like researchers to know about the day-to-day challenges.

If you do, please send an email to Lennie Wilson

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