2009 "I love LA" Families' Conference Los Angeles, CA
July 24, 25 & 26, 2009

Mount St. Mary’s College - Chalon Campus in Brentwood Hills, CA

This is a landmark event. For the first time, AAKSIS, the XXYY Project and KS&A will work together to put on a joint conference!

Registration NOW OPEN!

Register through KS&A's website and REGONLINE'S secure connection.

may 31, 2009 (after which rates increase)

To register and for more information go to www.genetic.org

The following scientists, researchers, medical professionals and special guests are scheduled to make presentations at this year’s event.
• Alan Rogol, MD, PhD
• Audrey L. Zapletal, MS OTR/L
• Ilene Fennoy, MD, MPH
• Jay Lucker EdD, CCC-A/SLP
• Judith Ross, MD
• Kyle Boone, PhD
• Maria Roumain-Ochoa, MSW - ConneXYons Program
• Mina Avery, MPH
• Natalie Ayari, Research Assistant to Dr. Tartaglia
• Nicole Tartaglia, MD
• Rebecca Wilson, PsyD
• Rodolfo Rey MD, PhD (Argentina)
• Sharon Close, RN, PNP
• Sophie Van Rijn, PhD (Netherlands)
• Susan Howell, Genetic Counselor
And back by popular demand to discuss how to talk with your kids about the X&Y chromosome variations:
• Aaron Bornstein, Adult with XXY

The Trisomy X –specific family conference speakers (2009) are:

Mina J. Avery, M.Ed "Educational Outcomes"
Donald R. Bear, Ph.D. Director E.L . Cord Foundation Center for Learning and Literacy "Literacy & Reading"
Marit Bierman, Ph.D standing in for Sophie Van Rijn, PhD "Social Skills Training"(Social Cognition and Emotional Regulation)
Susan Howell, M.S. C.G.C. "Disclosure Matters"
Jay R. Lucker, Ed.D. CCC-A/SLP Certified Audiologist "Auditory Perception & Processing" Auditory Processing Issues
Nicole Tartaglia, M.D."Medical and Developmental Outcomes"
Rebecca Wilson, Psy.D."Psychological Outcomes"
Andrew Yellen, M.D."Social Isolation"
Audrey L. Zapletal, MS, OTR/L Certified Occupational Therapist
"Sensory Processing & Integration" Sensory Processing Issues

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