3th Meeting Day 13-06-2009 The Netherlands

On June 13, our third Family Meeting was held in Bennekom, Holland.
There were 18 families present, among them 11 Triple X females in the age 0-38 years old.
One family came from Belgium and one from Germany, both familiar with the Dutch language.

The weather was great so the children played outside the whole day.
They enjoyed themselves very much because they only came in for drinks and lunch.
There were 2 day-care professionals to look after and play with the kids.
The parents and the adolescent/adult Triple X female talked about their experiences and listened to the speakers which were invited also.
It was the first time Thea and I did a presentation together.

11.00h Welcome
11.45h "The Triple X Syndrome", a presentation by drs M. Otter
12.15h "Diagnose Triple X, do you tell or not" by Thea van de Velde and Ida Bakker of Contactgroep Triple X Syndroom
13.00h Lunch
14.15h "Language-Speechproblems and problems within short term memory and its consequences on socially emotional development", a presentation by drs C. Engbers and drs. H. van der Schoot (medical pedagogy)

A 16 year old female just found out about the extra X.
Her parents decided to tell her to give her the opportunity to come to this meeting also.
She learned a lot that day and together with the 38 year old XXX female she became an inspiration for all participants.
We were honoured to have them present this day.

There were a lot of questions, interactions and remarks so we ran out of time.
While this day was supposed to end at 16.00h, most of the people stayed and talked untill 17.30 h.
Evaluation afterwards revealed that all participants were pleased with the information and discovered how important and useful it can be to talk to others dealing with similar 'problems'.

You can take a look at each presentation, for now only in Dutch.
On page 16, 17, 20 and 21 of Maarten Otters Power Point (1rst) he shows some study results in English.

You can also take a look at some pictures that were taken.
Because not all parents gave permission to publish, these pictures are selective.

Thea van de Velde and Ida Bakker
Contactgroep Triple X Syndroom
The Netherlands.

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