3th Meetingday Belgium 21-11-2009

This is a short summary of this event.


This day was organized by Monique, mother of a Triple X daughter, and the Centrum Menselijke Erfelijkheid (Centre Human Genetics)in Leuven, Belgium.

17 families, most of them from Belgium, some from The Netherlands, attended.

They listened to:

- a lecture by dr. Annick Vogels, childrens psychiatrist, about the influence of chromosomes, DNA, genetics and behaviour.
- a lecture by dr. Martine Borghgraef, about the influence of an extra X chromosome.
- the introduction of Lies Loosveld, a student who is going to do a study on Trisomy X.

After lunch the parents had time to talk to eachother about the challenges they are facing with their daughters.

Monique ended the day by reading a part from the book "Stresskids", written by Wendy Peerlings:

“Believe in your child
Believe in her possibilities
Let it show
Follow your heart
Bring peace
And enjoy ....
enjoy the little things:
a smile, a positive experience of your child,
the glorious joy on her face while she's sleeping
Look, discover and be aware of this beautiful moments.
It will help you bring peace to yourself as an adult.
It will help you to see the positive side in your childs possiblities and to finally say to yourself
"I'm doing really well!".

I'm convinced we are ALL doing well.

The summary of this day is written by Dr. Maarten Otter, Psychiatrist. The Netherlands

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