Review Kimberley S.D. Conference Ohio 2010

Kimberley Smith Daly is the mother of Charlotte who has Triple X.
Charlotte is 4 years and 9 months old.
Kimberley is a Dance/Movement Therapist and gave several sessions at the Conference.

Kimberley gave us permission to publish her small personal report.
She hopes to add more information for our website in the nearest future.


At the conference this past weekend Dr. Vitsootsak presented Dr. Tartaglia's newest paper on medical developments in Trisomy X.
There were three tests that they are recommending for all the girls now that I didn't already know about:
1. Thyroid
2. EKG (some girls have small holes in their hearts that are not detected)
3. Sensory Intergration evaluation by an OT

They have always recommended that the structure of the girls kidneys be evaluated by ultrasound.
This is the newest study and they are still looking for more participants for the research so they can better assess what medical issues are truly common with Trisomy X.
Some girls also have asthma, seizures, and premature ovarian failure.

Kimberley Smith Daly
August 2010

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