Information about Trisomy X and other SCA
My name is CherylAnn Caspersen and I am a proud mother of a girl with "an xtra kiss".

I am studying to be an educational assistant and this presentation was done for an Exceptionalities course. The idea was to write about a different exceptionality so that we could educate our fellow classmates on what is out there and who we might be helping in the classroom. I asked to do Genetics and Sex Chromosomal Anomalies (SCA).

If you are a parent of child or an educator teaching a child with a SCA , you know how intimidating it can be because there is so little out there and if
by chance you do find something it is mostly negative.
I felt by opening this door I could hopefully make things less intimating at home and in the classroom.
I wanted to show the positive side and all the possibilities.
I was able to find some excellent information and teaching tips on the net and this is a compilation of that research.
I have a strong interest in children and adults with learning disabilities and it is my hope that this assignment will make it easier for our girls in the classroom.

Knowledge is power and it is the greatest gift we can give our girls and the people who help them.

I hope you enjoy it!

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