This is the website of the Dutch informal contact group for people involved with trisomy X, also called triple X syndrome or 47,XXX.

We are a small group, founded by two mothers of girls with trisomy X: Thea and Ida. Their daughters are now young adults. The team also has a webmaster, Jessica. We provide information and possibilities to share experiences and learn from each other. Our language is Dutch. We have a Facebook group in Dutch, a newsletter and we organize in person meetings about every other year.

For information in English, we refer to our colleagues:

AXYS, an organisation for all X and Y chromosome variations
AXYS has a list of international support groups

Chromodiversity, also for all X and Y chromosome variations and some other genetic conditions

On our previous website, we had stories in English about the lived experience of people with trisomy X.
We will give them a new place at this website too. That will take some time.

The story of Céline, born in 2009
The story of Leah, born in 2006
The story of Joyce, born in 2001
The story of Rosie, born in 1989
The story of Andrea, born in 1988
The story of Debby, born in 1978